Hi there, I'm Hannah.

A little bit about me, I graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in May of 2019 a with Bachelors in Fine Arts. I held concentrations in Advertising and Interactive Design. Through out the duration of my time at Kutztown University I gained multiple levels of experience through my education, various internships, and freelance jobs.

Creating is a passion of mine that I have had since I was little. Throughout my time in college I was given the necessary direction that has helped me form my own style when designing and creating. I have been given life long skills and tools to help me only further my ideas and my abilities. My specialties include logo and brand development, web and digital design and development (including HTML/CSS), and campaign advertising. Being a creative means being a problem solver, and I feel that there is no problem that a little design can’t fix.

Just a girl who rocks bangs, has a love of design, and a desire to explore all the world has to offer.